The Design Science Foundation

THE DESIGN SCIENCE FOUNDATION, a general incorporated foundation, was established on April 1, 2022, with the aim of exploring the connections between design and science.

Purpose of establishment

The Earth's environment is changing drastically, threatening human’s ordinally days and human life.
If it becomes possible to instantly read and visualize the influence or related factors of an environmental collapse crisis, it must be useful to understand the current situation and deal with the problem. That is, designers and scientists work in a concerted full effort to create a strategy to find clues to solving problems by communicating easy-to-understand explanations of the phenomena to people and evoking them.
One of THE DESIGN SCIENCE FOUNDATION’s business objectives is to aim at establishing effective platforms for solving global-scale significant problems on the Earth.

Design properly harmonizes and embodies the mutual relationship between humans, the environment, and objects. It is the medium of interrelationships and the means of harmonizing the whole. We believe that the power to explore the true connection between design and science will lead to the harmony of the original integrated world, the improvement of the quality and standard of human activities, and the building of what the next sustainable world should be like, and we are establishing THE DESIGN SCIENCE FOUNDATION as a general incorporated foundation.


“Design is science,” says ecological psychologist Masato Sasaki. However, there is also a general understanding that “science is certain and reliable” and “design is abstract, uncertain and incomprehensible.” Scientific clarification and design awareness emerge and draw knowledge. The mission of THE DESIGN SCIENCE FOUNDATION is to raise people's awareness and the sensing organs of interests in the quality of daily life and the environmental world, and to sprout the power to lead the world toward a more beautiful direction.


  • 1.Research activities related to the connection between various academic fields and design
  • 2. Presentation and exhibition of the fruits of design-related research, etc., via various media
  • 3.Cultivating specialists in fields related to design - science, and subsidies for research and production activities
  • 4.Development of educational and enlightenment activities for the general public concerning design- science
  • 5.Proposals for public objects that utilize the fruits of design - science studies
  • 6.Archiving of sophisticated works based on design - science.


  • Founder/Chairman
    Naoto FUKASAWA
  • Director
    Masato SASAKI
    • Ecological Psychologist
    • Emeritus Professor at the University of Tokyo
  • Director
    Kaoru MENDE
    • Lighting Designer
    • Principal, Lighting Planners Associates
    • Visiting Professor at Musashino Art University
  • Auditor
    Kazuto MATSUKAWA
    • tax accountant
  • Councilor
    • Designer
    • CEO, tha ltd.
    • Professor at Tama Art University
  • Councilor
    Nobutaka MATSUO
    • Patent Attorney
    • Partner, Mebuki IP Law Firm
  • Councilor
    Katsuhiko KUSHI
    • Professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Councilor
    Katsuyuki TORITANI
    • External Director, Geniee, Inc.
  • Adviser
    Akio KOYAMA
    • Psychiatrist


  • Name

  • Established
    • April 1, 2022
  • Location
    • Tokyo
  • Contact
    • contact[at]thedesignsciencefoundation.org