The Design Science Foundation

Co-sponsoring MOA Museum of Art “HOMO FABER, 12 Stone Garden Naoto Fukasawa and 12 Living National Treasures”

March 9th, 2023
“Homo Faber Exhibition” (April 10-May 1, 2022) organized by the Michelangelo Foundation was held in conjunction with the Venice Biennale in Italy. One of the projects, "12 Stone Garden," introduced the traditional crafts of 12 living national treasures (holders of important intangible cultural properties) in a space designed by Naoto Fukasawa. They attracted art fans from all over the world, and traditional Japanese crafts were enthusiastically welcomed. This exhibition is curated by Naoto Fukasawa and Tokugo Uchida, Director of the MOA Museum of Art. In response to strong demand from many exhibiting artists and related parties, a homecoming exhibition was held (October 28- December 11, 2022)
THE DESIGN SCIENCE FOUNDATION sponsored and cooperated with this exhibition.