The prize will be awarded to one creation or activity that contains new intelligence, pathways, and the potential to lead the world in a beautiful direction.

Application Requirements

We will reward and support new creations and connections found through the perspective and concept of design in various fields such as science, technology, information, arts, and performance, as well as their activities. Please submit materials in the prescribed format that show the wisdom of humankind and new paths to generate “creation,” “beauty,” and “harmony,” as well as new creations and works that include the possibility of leading the world in a beautiful direction, and the content of these activities (hereinafter referred to as “work”). It doesn’t matter whether you recommend yourself or others.

Submission Materials

Work Information


  1. A statement giving an overview of the work (English or Japanese):Japanese, no more than 600 characters. 300 words or less in English. (doc/pdf format)
    • Include work information (title of work, form of work, date of release/production).

    –  Include creator information (creator’s name, date of birth, nationality, place of residence)

  2. Image materials of the works:The name of the work and the name of the creator must be written on one A3 size sheet. (pdf format, File size within 5MB)

・Optional items

  • Video materials of the work: URL where the work can be viewed in a digest of 3 minutes or less.

Qualification Requirements

The area of the work, Affiliation (individual, group). Any nationality is welcome.

Letter of pledge

Submit a signed pledge (pdf format) promising that the work is your own original one.

Where to submit materials



Benefit-type scholarship: 1,000,000 yen For 1 person.

Application period

March 20th (Mon) – May 19th (Fri), 2023

Selection period

May 20th (Fri) – July 19th (Wed), 2023

Announcement of Selection Results

July 20th(Thu), 2023

Selection Committee Member

Naoto Fukasawa, Masato Sasaki, Kaoru Mende, Katsuhiko Kushi, Nobutaka Matsuo, Katsuyuki Toritani, and Yugo Nakamura.